Saturday, July 19, 2008

Spain in the arse

Hello Boys (oops - a bit too Eva Herzagovia that) Greg here. Sorry about the flouncy name - it's a fixed display name due to my business sideline (proof that the middle classes are having to moonlight just to afford the basics such as school fees and 4x4 road taxes) - anyway, thought I'd sign in and share a few random points in this blog thing. Firstly, great work Barn in getting this thing going. It's lovely to feel involved musically again and to be doing something that could have so easily have remained at the 3 pint pubchat stage for years.

So, after doing a bog-standard Brazil Beat meets Hugo Montenegro meets Cliff and the Shadows backing track with the second oldest Universal it was a pleasure to receive Jools' Spanish track to compose lyrics over. I must have given the track 40 or 50 listens before cementing any musical or lyrical ideas - the track was full of these luscious little counter melodies that deserved vocal melodies that intertwined respectfully within them. I imagine that most of us would have felt, on hearing the quality of the instrumentals, that there was a little bit of pressure on in coming up with something that was of matching and appropriate quality and tone.

I started on the lyrics by listening to Randy Newman - check his stunning 'In Germany before the War' from the Little Criminals album as a study of character, time and culture. Anyway, this turned out to be a mistake as I realised I could never produce a biography in song that would come anyway near this ball park. The next approach was to go through Ulloa's (Jool's chosen scientist) life and look for a key moment or emotion that the song could spring from. This proved more fruitful. I wonder if others have approached it in this way? Anyway, try as I could, the romantic element ended up creeping in, partly due to the romantic, to the point of erotic it must be said, nature of Jool's passionate Spanish music. The song is now one of yearning, the scientist caught between his calling, his patriotism and his love.

Just read this back... what am I doing? it's Saturday night. Should get the old Spanish scientist out of my head and concentrate on the wife.


she's gone....

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