Sunday, March 15, 2009

Protons! Neutrons! Superheroes of Science Live

Thanks to everyone that came along to the gig at the Babbage Lecture Theatre which we did as part of the Cambridge Science Festival. You people in the audience surpassed all our expectations with your incredible singing, shouting, inflatable solar system volleyball skills, and percussive skills.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Go Go Geek Pop 09

The Intercontinental Music Lab are proud to be taking part in Geek Pop 09 which starts tomorrow (from when I'm writing this) 6th March, and runs until 15th March. Geek Pop is a fantastic online festival, hence carbon friendly, and celebrates the clash of music with science. We're playing on the Tesla Tent apparently so see you after the set for some virtual hugs. Go Go Geek Pop. There will also be an amusing interview with the IML at some point during the festival. Yippee. See you all there.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Saturday 14th March, Cambridge

I've put together a page for people that are intending on coming to the Superheroes Of Science Live gig which we're doing as part of the 2009 Cambridge Science Festival. It's going to be a good fun show to be sure. We're also going to be taking part in Geek Pop 09 which is very exciting. More about that later. I need to go to sleep. Good night.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Pope Bigs Up Galileo

Surely the pope's renewed charity towards Galileo must have been inspired by listening to our song about the great man. I didn't realise it was a protest song until now...

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Superheroes of Science live

Tonight is our first rehearsal for Superheroes of Science live. I've just a new tiny keyboard with lots of knobs to try and help us translate the multi instrumentalist leanings of the album. We're going to have plenty of hands on deck to deal with guitar type instruments, potentially banjos, mandolins, ukuleles, guitars, bass guitars but I can't help feeling that some synthetic squelches would really bring it all together. On top of that I've declared that:
a) we're going to try and perform a barbershop quartet version of Call Them X or;
b) we're going to find a barbershop quartet to do it for us.

Either way, I think we should attempt a tonight. I'll let you know how we get on. Meanwhile, for progress on our next album, check out

Friday, November 21, 2008

un album original et super intéressant ! j'ai écouté avec grand plaisir!

I loaded our album onto Jamendo recently. Jamendo is a website which deals exclusively in music which is licensed under Creative Commons. As well as distributing all this music to a growing number of members, members can also swap music, review it etc. In addition Jamendo get approached by corporates who want to licence music so if that happens, they contact us, and we can say yes or no.

The main reason I loaded it up however was to get the album to more ears, we've also had a review already (it's only been up there for two days).

It's looking like quite a good site to be at, sort of a Last.FM for perhaps a more musically explorative community in Europe. Tres bien.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Superheroes of Science - The Album


The audio

The artwork

The track listing

  1. Wondermachines (Scientist: Alberto Santos-Dumont)
    Music by Greg Dean and Rob Fisher
    Lyrics/Vocals by Barney Brown & Layla Vandenbergh
  2. Call Them X (Scientist: Wilhlem Conrad Rontgen)
    Music by Tim Donderevo
    Lyrics/Vocals by Oli Hayhurst with Theo & Violet Hayhurst
  3. Oh My Beautiful Problem Child (Scientist: Albert Hofmann)
    Music by Dan Gresham
    Lyrics by Tim Donderevo, Vocals by Kelly Hoglund
  4. Dr Robotnik (Scientist: Dr Robotnik)
    Music by Richard Yates and Nick Osbourne
    Lyrics by Julian Peters, vocals by Julian Peters and Aya Saito
  5. La Ballade de Mr Matthews (Scientist: John Matthews)
    Music by Juju Peters
    Lyrics/vocals by Rob & Audrey Fisher
  6. There Is Science In This Child (Scientist: James Chadwick)
    Music by Tim Donderevo
    Lyrics/Vocals by Nick Osbourne, with Elliot and Sammy Brown
  7. Sailing Back To Spain (Scientist: Antonio De Ulloa)
    Music by Julian Peters
    Lyrics/Vocals by Greg Dean
  8. Researchers of the P.I.E.R.C (Scientist: Pacific Islands Research Centre P.I.E.R.C)
    Music by Barney Brown
    Lyrics/Vocals by Joseph Ashley-Smith
  9. Take Me Home To Orgonon (scientist: Wilhelm Reich)
    Music by Joseph Ashley-Smith
    Lyrics/vocals by Rob Fisher
  10. John Muir (Scientist: John Muir)
    Music by Rob Fisher
    Lyrics/vocals by Julian Peters, backing vocals Rob Fisher
  11. Agent On The Threshold (Scientist: John C Lilly)
    Music by Joseph Ashley-Smith
    Lyrics/Vocals by Tim Donderevo
  12. Know It Now (Scientist: Galileo Galilei)
    Music by Oli Hayhurst
    Lyrics/Vocals by Barney Brown
  13. Saviour of Mothers (Scientist: Ignaz Semmelweis)
    Music by Rob Fisher
    Lyrics/Vocals by Kip Loades

The lyrics

View all the lyrics on one page or individually from the links next to the songs above.


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