Thursday, July 17, 2008

The good doctor is heading to Japan

I've just had the pleasure of finishing off the mix of Nick's Doctor Robotnik track which is now winging its way across to Japan for vocal flourishes. I can't wait to hear what it sounds like when it comes home again.

I managed to finish the vocal recording for Galileo last night and am now choosing from the 6 different takes which weasles and rasps to take in and which ones to consign to the recycle bin. I've also become rather fond of Garageband which despite having rubbishly under informative peak meters is a joy to use. Good grief, I hope I don't EVER get that technical about a piece of software EVER again on this blog. It really isn't supposed to be about that sort of thing.

So, a couple of weeks left to write and record lyrics (with Layla) for Greg and Rob's dancfloor opus. I can't wait.


Tim Donderevo said...

Okay - why not get techy?

I find Garage Band to be pretty good! For a glorified ACID, its got some good effects and its easy to use. My main criticism is the quality of the loops - always check em for phase, and timing (!)

I've learned not to trust any software meters - unless they've got db marked on em and they're at the end of your virtual signal flow. ReWire comes into most DAWs (protools for sure) in a weird digital Aux fashion - NOT to be trusted. You can easily distort the signal without peaking the meters. I like to do metering in Sound Forge/Sony Vegas - (even if I have to do a mix and the re-open the file) - just because its solid and consistent.

Blah blah wank.

brownio said...

I have to admit to not touching Reason since I got Garageband. The thing I like about its cut down interface is that you can use it like a four track mixer. I think there's a big thing to be said for interface design as creative inspiration. A lot of digital audio packages have ugly clunky interfaces which just seem like too much hard work. All proper creative spaces need to be instantly acessible, and ready to function. Garageband has got that, sit down, press record mentality (like Abelton Live) which means you can forget about having to route various virtual bobbins and just get on with writing. Fair play to Apple's interface design.

Urchin the Great said...

And an excellent job you did on the good doctor too, Brownio. And you did it all wearing that Doctor Robotnik costume I bought for you. There is no circumference to my admiration.