Sunday, July 20, 2008

The internet vs the book

Having finished the Galileo track I'm now moving onto Alberto Santos-Dumont, the aviator with an exciting life. I don't just want to read potted biographies of him online though. I'm hankering after something a bit more fleshed out. I've found a couple of books and have ordered a biog which will be with me shortly. In the meantime though I stumbled across: which for any of our scientists produces some rich pickings. I urge anyone that is still scrabbling around for lyrical inspiration to tap their scientists into the search and see what pops up. The site (if you haven't used it) returns limited scans of printed books on any subject you can think of. It also highlights popular passages from any particular books you're interested in. All good for writing lyrics methinks. Too tired to research or write tonight though. I've just helped run a 2 hour long pirate party for 16 tiny pirates. I'm also covered in lizards (or they maybe geckos).

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