Thursday, March 5, 2009

Go Go Geek Pop 09

The Intercontinental Music Lab are proud to be taking part in Geek Pop 09 which starts tomorrow (from when I'm writing this) 6th March, and runs until 15th March. Geek Pop is a fantastic online festival, hence carbon friendly, and celebrates the clash of music with science. We're playing on the Tesla Tent apparently so see you after the set for some virtual hugs. Go Go Geek Pop. There will also be an amusing interview with the IML at some point during the festival. Yippee. See you all there.

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Mirror Fauna said...

This is the greatest virtual festival I've ever attended, and it's still going! I installed a porta-loo in my room yesterday and I've hired a couple of Scousers to come and mug me tonight! I can't wait! Also, I'm not allowed to bring my own alcohol into my room, but I managed to sneak some in under my specially made IML t-shirt.