Thursday, August 14, 2008

A radio interviewing we went

Well that was a lot of fun. After an enjoyable preamble to a radio interview in the pub, and a chance to listen to Superheroes of Science through some nice speakers, me and Rob settled into the role of interviewed. Ben who was interviewing us was very gentle and made the whole process enjoyable, and easy. Rob did a fine job of introducing the darkest possible elements into the interview (which may end up on the cutting room floor) whilst I riffed on the concept of friends trying to be creative. Not sure how scientific we all were but it should make a nice podcast. Check out the Naked Scientists website this weekend. We took some photos of interesting signs which I may have to post up in their entirety. My favourite simply said:

In other news Tim has completed the logos for the Intercontinental Music Lab which are incredible, and will endeavor to start mastering the album next week. Prepare your ears for the finished product. I think we're going to have to co-ordinate some sort of cross continent launch party.

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beubfish said...

Yes, sorry about that, I did keep wandering to the dark side. What? This is a family show?!