Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A podcasting we go

The kind and wonderful people over at The Naked Scientists have agreed to include an interview with me in one of their upcoming podcasts. Obviously the science theme of their shows is a perfect match for where we're coming from so I'm expecting probing science based questions. In a way the whole creation and distribution of the album is an experiment in its own right. The method of recording the album was one that none of us (I think) had tried before, and the results have been wonderful. What happens to it once we distribute it online etc. is going to be fascinating. Especially coming from a history of record deals and such like which so many of us in the project have.

So the Naked Scientist podcast will be going out on the 17th August. I urge you to subscribe to their programme, it's great. I think the broadcast will then go out on Radio Cambridgeshire this Sunday at 6PM.

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