Friday, August 29, 2008

Superheroes of Science Album Now Downloadable

Yes that's right. The album has now been mastered (see Tim's post below) and can now be downloaded from the Superheroes of Science Album page. You can access a Zip file containing MP3 versions of the album or a Mediafire folder full of Apple Lossless versions. You can also download and print off cover art should you wish to create a CD (do you remember them? They live in boxes).

I will add the lyrics and related podcasts to the various tracks over the next couple of weeks, but for now, the music has been unleashed. There is one track currently absent from the album which will be making an appearance shortly. Believe me it's going to be worth the wait.

You can read the Creative Commons licence which we've attached to the music or take our word for it that you are free to distribute this music (as a collection with the artwork) providing you don't do so for any marketing purposes/money making ventures etc. If you really won't to use the Ballad of John Matthews for a Coke advert, get in touch with us.

Above all, please enjoy the album and if you want to discuss it you can do so on this blog. Good evening for now.

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