Thursday, July 10, 2008

Creating the mood

Having now recorded a subtley written version of the Galileo song, in a mannered and well engineered fashion, I've now recorded a counter version, lying on my front to make it harder to sing, and by pitching to a melody that is beyond my range. This version of the song was recorded with sillier lyrics and has led to a quite frankly insane rendition, which, although perhaps amusing, destroys the beauty of the original song. I think Rob's approach to actually doing some research before leaping in may pay off.

I've now written a third version which amalgamates the two approaches I've taken so far. I've just got to decide whether to record it whilst lying on my front, or by the regular method of standing up. Decisions decisions. Oh yes, the lying on the front thing (plus turning the lights out before I recorded) were all attempts to create a different mood in the room before recording. Given that I was recording in our utility room, it wasn't a very inspiring view with the lights on.

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