Thursday, July 24, 2008

Coming Together

Despite my best efforts at voting fraud we are a music lab as opposed to a song lab! I was hoping for more alignment with Eurovision in terms of name but oh well, its all good.
Over the last 2 weeks I've been having a tough time with lyrics, melodies and in general coming up with something that a) makes a passable attempt at doing justice to the backing track b) fits the track in style and content and c) is interesting and maybe a little bit kinky. I did reach a point of despair thinking I'm not gonna come up with anything I can hand in but fortunately it has since begun to come together, right now, over me.
I've taken two pretty different approaches to the tracks I have to wail on, not surprising given the disparity between them. For Wilhelm Reich I have taken a similar approach to wot Greg mentioned earlier, finding key moments and emotions and concentrating on them. Its come out pretty dark, must have accidentaly cooked up some deadly orgone energy. For Mr Matthews it's much more a straight history, albeit hopefully colourfully recanted, from the perspective of a third person admirer.
Mighty Austria beckons on Tuesday so its gonna be a hectic weekend penning those last lines of lyrics to fit in with the rest of the jigsaw puzzle and trying to get decent enough vocal takes and then making it sound like it's meant to be there.
That contract looks good but I don't think we'll need to worry about coke going for the matthews song, not without the vocals stripped out anyway!
It's going to be fascinating to hear all the tracks side by side, bring on the finish line and the next iteration.

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