Friday, July 11, 2008

Spent 2 days this week reading tons of material on Albert Hofmann and John Lilly - online biographies, websites and delved into the key written works of both scientists. The sweltering humidity and violent thunder-storms outside, combined with multiple accounts of LSD experimentation, sensory deprivation and pan-dimensional coincidence police, left me feeling like I'd just had a trip; exhausted but infinitely wiser.

God! Its so hard writing serious lyrics! Especially for the John Lilly song, for he is a silly man. My Windows Speech robot voice has gone mental - he sounds like he has a Mid-West accent - fitting, as Lily was born in St Paul Minnesota. This key is just out of my comfortable range. Having trouble not making this sound interesting (my vox - not the music.)

Talked Kelly into singing on Dan's Albert Hofmann track - originally wanted to do some Melodyne/Autotune stuff to make it jive with the (awesome) production of the backing track - but now I'm thinking it might be cooler to just let it flow, natural like.


brownio said...

I'm with you on the range thing. I've tried two version of Galieleo in different octaves and have settled on a new counter melody which I'll use as the main melody instead. The low was just sounding comedy low, and the high (without whispering the whole thing) was strained to the point of needing to evacuate.

Tim Donderevo said...

Its all part of the challenge! I LOVE the restrictions - even when it pushes me to the limits of my range, and makes me sound ridiculous. By the end of Donderevo I could do the whole of Take On Me by AHA just like Morten Harkett (4 octaves - only the last line and a half in falsetto!) These days I only get the second line, then cough a lot and switch to air-drums.