Friday, July 18, 2008

The Art of Cover... Art

Multiple-tasking all week, sneaking a few minutes here-n-there in the studio to mix vocals. Frustrated by our studio's rubbish Protools plug-in bundle (!) - can't afford the VST upgrade (!) Also wrangling with designs for Superheroes artwork - as well as a logo prototype for the organisation.

This project is proving interesting. Managed to regale someone with a concise history of Albert Hofmann t'other day - John C Lilly is much harder to describe... dolphin intelligence... flotation tanks... E.C.C.O!

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brownio said...

The interest in the project is growing in the Cambridge community both within the University walls to outside it. I've now got two great possible online and on-air outlets for its broadcast when its ready. Woot. And its still good fun and not feeling like work. On the artwork front, let us all know if you need any help. I'm THAT close to getting a vocal mix finished which will mean one of the first finished tracks? On that front, how should we be preparing our vocal mixes for pre mastering? Should we do an overall compress EQ and Stereo spatialise to taste or leave all that up to you and deliver a flattish board type mix?